We’re pioneers in car cleaning innovation.

Our goal is to provide our customers with a service that enhances their day-to-day life.

A quick and professional car wash is just a click away.
As simple as making a phone call!

Digitalized facilities

24-hour easy and pleasant support, tracked and secure

A user-friendly, intuitive, and practical smart app which can activate Self Service Bays, Vacuums, In-Bay-Automatics, and TUNNELs.

Invoices, reports, and receipts are easily downloadable

Automated and transparent payments

All from your couch

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The EWASHCLUB.IT system is simple, user-friendly, practical, and designed to save you time and money.

Download the eWashClub.it app now.

Taking care of your car and rediscovering the joy of driving a spotlessly clean vehicle has never been easier.

All of this with the efficiency of a single click and in next to no time!

A 360-degree system through which you can activate the wash systems.

Simple and intuitive solutions for facility managers/Operators, private customers, and businesses … all tailored for everyone, including women!

We provide service, efficiency, and a “Smart” approach
Our 24-hour assistance service ensures tracking and resolution of any issues, aiming to continually improve perceived quality.


EwashClub.it offers solutions to the discomfort experienced by customers, restoring the everyday well-being that comes from stepping into a clean, fragrant car. Experience pleasant sensations and a sense of satisfaction.

Ignite your senses and create your well-being.

With our Unlimited Membership, you have 30 washes per month at your fingertips in any center… Now your car can reflect who you are… Want to be a part of it?

Download the eWashClub.it app now


EwashClub.it is designed to expand the business of facility managers, engaging new customers drawn to a new service concept based on simple and intuitive solutions and a modern, innovative app.

Customers can download the eWashclub.it app, select one of the centers in the network, choose a service or subscription, pay, and immediately have their car cleaned! No more paper vouchers or coupons.


Through the app, manage professional cleaning services for your corporate fleet centrally.

The operation of offices responsible for the corporate fleet is streamlined to a single click, introducing efficiency to internal processes and estimated time savings of 15-20 minutes per corporate car, every month. .

They say about us

Here is what our costumers have said about our services:

After getting the hang of it, I found the app useful and intuitive. If you don’t know something just ask the bot which takes you to the service you require. I easily booked a wash with seat stain removal and the staff was courteous and knowledgeable. Very good!!

Carlotta Maggi

Really good app from what I have been able to experience. Already from the beta version I was able to easily use my monthly plan and the wash times were excellent. Highly recommended.

Giovanni Maglio

Really an excellent discovery. I had some initial problems with registration, but other than that I confirm that it is an excellent service. I went to wash my car soon the car wash in Gerenzano and did not even have to get out of the car. Great job!

Stefano Biffi

Breaking News

The nominees for the Car Wash Innovation of the Year Award have been announced.

In recent weeks, companies have been able to submit their innovation and there has been a massive response.

The winner will be announced during Car Wash Show Europe.

The Innovation Award is divided into three categories: Sustainability, Digitalization and Technology.

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